Safe, clean and uncluttered handleless doors and drawer fronts give a kitchen a sleek, streamlined contemporary look.

They also they  make it easier to move around in smaller kitchen areas, without bumping into or catching a sleeve or pocket on a handle.

Handleless doors and drawers are available in gloss or matt finishes, includingsoft painted, in a wide range of subtle shades.

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A great design advantage of tambour cupboards is that the doors essentially fold into the unit, when it is opened, so there is no need to try to find additional space to accommodate open cupboard doors. The tambour design is very sleek and doesn’t take up a lot of room, making it easy to fit into existing decor.

Tambour looks great in most rooms of a home, as it is so diverse. For example, a home office or lounge can make excellent use of tambour storage, to hide away files, books and even computers that are not in constant use. Children’s and teenager’s rooms can be difficult to navigate in terms of space, especially if they are sharing but tambour storage is a great investment. Tambour cupboards are available in all wood design, a combination of wood and metal or even just metal.

Kitchens can also make fantastic use of tambour storage. Many homes will have tambour units installed on to their worktops, to hide things like infrequently used appliances. They also allow for more storage, due to their height advantage. Taller cupboards inevitably free up valuable surface space. Kitchens of any size can benefit from tambour storage and with the variation of designs available, including glass doors, the most modern of kitchens can accommodate.

Finding the right tambour storage is easy, as there are many different varieties available. For tambour units which can be used for example in a home office or the garage. Designs range from a straightforward filing cabinet with tambour doors to a unit with tambour storage at the bottom and shelves on top of that. That way, it is easy to keep on display things that you use everyday (notebooks, keys, a phone) and store away things that you don’t want seen or don’t use regularly. Units like this are easy to self-assemble and easy to maintain, with a wipe to keep it clean.

For a more bespoke tambour unit, homeowners usually head to independent companies who will make your tambour unit to order, to fit your exact space and requirements.

If you are considering fitting small tambour doors as a DIY project, doors can be purchased online for a reasonably cheap amount, from retailers such as DIY Kitchens.

For homes with limited space, the tambour door is perfect. Every home, no matter what the tastes of its owners can benefit from tambour storage, with its versatile design, various available finishes and usefulness throughout the home.

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