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Modern style and materials have rendered the traditional family kitchen a thing of the past, or so it would seem. Capturing the natural warmth and beauty depicted in Colonial houses from the United States or heritage homes & cottages around the UK can be a challenge in a modern house? This has lead to re-inventing the traditional hardwood & wood effect kitchens to embrace the features of modern design.

Using Hardwood in the Kitchen

There are two ways to approach the purchase and design of real wood countertops, floors, islands, cupboards, etc. One is to search the internet and home furnishing stores for ready-made examples. The other is to contact a specialist whose skill is creating bespoke items for his customers. Love of tradition and enduring style are reflected in the warmth of wood. A hardwood kitchen will withstand generations of cooking and family meals.

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Ready-Made Elegance

Ready-made items are obviously convenient and available. Customers need not wait for the painstaking work of shaping and building to be finished or wait in the queue behind customers who ordered an artisan’s services first. A few ready-to-buy items might also form the anchor around which a kitchen design takes shape while one still enjoys the benefits of installing authentic hardwood. Ready-made timber kitchen cupboards and tables are also cheaper than custom-made items.

Customising the Space

Each piece used in the building of a real-wood cupboard, table, or countertop will be unique whether pre-made or bespoke, but grain, knots, even flaws can be brought to prominence or tucked into corners according to a consumer’s preference when he orders customized pieces. The most popular material right now is oak. Pine is lighter but weaker as well, so it is the solidity and availability of oak that consumers turn to most often. Walnut and cherry trim are dark, appealing options of enduring quality as well. Consumers are conscious of their sources, so sustainable wood is their first option.

Natural Charm

If a house builder or home owner in the South Hams is planning to incorporate all the flaws of real wood (such as cracks and knots) into a kitchen design, a rustic kitchen would suit the purpose nicely. This space often features real stone elements like flag flooring and a fireplace. Many large, open kitchens feature mixed media: metal, stone, concrete, and real wood. With a deft touch, it is possible for steam punk and old-fashioned preferences to blend comfortably. An expert craftsman or woman will create any shape and add carvings as your budget and timeline allow.

How To Take Care of Wood

Experts recommend that hardwood be treated with considerable care, especially where spills are concerned. Quickly mopping up spills is highly recommended. Trivets and other protective items to keep hot dishes off of wood are preferable to risking damage. One can also prevent moisture from warping and discolouring wood by sealing countertops, furnishings, and floors. Suggested materials include Tung oil, Shellac, and Carnauba wax. The first two are particularly excellent for tables and countertops and, though they protect, they do not change the colour of wood or obscure unique patterns.

Timber & Veneer Kitchens

Perhaps your budget can withstand the purchase of a few real-wood items but not an entire kitchen of bespoke, hand-carved features. Still, you want the look of authentic oak or pine. Remain within your budget but create the kitchen you desire by considering a mixture of wood and veneer or selecting a design made entirely of artificial wood. This composite material is cheaper, lighter, and can even be created from recycled materials. Environmentally convenient Environmentally conscious consumers will sometimes turn to veneer in preference to timber whether they can afford real wood or not simply because of the allure of using recycled materials. Others make this decision for financial reasons. Besides, veneer furnishings and cupboards are readily available in flat packs from furnishing and DIY stores and, since they are light, are easy to install without professional assistance. Renovations can move ahead quickly.

Aesthetic Appeal

Timber & veneer kitchens share the same appearance of quality and warmth in common, but there is potentially more flexibility from faux wood, especially where colours are concerned. Select from a wide range of wood styles. Veneer is hardy and can be placed over sturdy but inexpensive materials such as concrete. Narrow, interlocking planks of flooring slide easily into place without the need for many tools. Reconstructing a South Hams home with real wood will involve removing materials already in place, but veneer can sometimes be placed directly over those materials without their removal.


Although carpenters can shape hardwood into any bespoke shape and add features which reflect the homeowner’s personality more fully, there are many beautiful veneer items on the market. Veneer cleans up easily with its shiny, pre-treated surface making it ideal for a large family and a kitchen that is used constantly. The creation of a compact, clean, bright kitchen is possible whether a renovation team employs faux wood or the real thing.

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