At Inspirations we use the best materials and fittings available and highly skilled cabinet makers to make sure that our cabinets exceed our all our customer’s expectations:

1. Wide range of soft-close drawer box options.

3. Adjustable shelf
All standard Base units are supplied with an adjustable shelf helping you with flexible storage solutions, giving you the opportunity to change a shelf height at a later date. All shelves are colour matched by default and are edged using 0.8mm ABS edging.

2. Blumotion clip-top adjustable soft close hinges can be fitted where required.

4. 150mm Adjustable legs
All Base units are supplied with adjustable legs which makes fitting and levelling our kitchen units a breeze. The 2 part plinth clips, give a secure and reliable plinth that can take the abuse that comes with being a kickboard!

5. Colour matched 0.8mm ABS edging is applied to all exposed edges.
With a choice of 32 standard carcase colours and 25 additional colours available we carefully colour match our edging to ensure an exact match. The 0.8mm ABS edging is applied using heat and will not peel or flake.

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