Wall Tiles

Tiles create the perfect backdrop and highlight unique features or separate areas of your kitchen.

Choose from classic and contemporary collections including the full Original Style, laura Ashley, RAK Ceramics and Splendour ranges.

New Kitchen Wall Tile Display Our new dedicated kitchen wall tile display has an exquisite selection of wonderful ceramic tiles especially designed to look perfect in any kitchen.

There’s a range of traditional and modern block and brick designs and some stunning glazing effects to inspire you.

The spin-able boards make browsing and comparison a pleasure. So pop into the showroom soon and give it a whirl.

New Kitchen Wall Tile Display
Our kitchen wall tiles come in a wide range of patterns, finishes and textures, enabling you to create the look you want in your dream kitchen. Whether you want a contemporary feel or a classic look, you will be able to select a tile from our range that is right for you.

When you’re planning your kitchen wall tiles designs it’s a good idea to speak to the professionals about what will work in your kitchen space. Your kitchen wall tiles design ideas may not suit your layout. For example, the current trend for very large tiles may not be the right choice for your kitchen if you have a lot of electrical sockets to cut around. In addition to this, large tiles are very heavy, so you need to be sure that your walls are suitable.

A beautifully finished kitchen can add real value to your home, so it is wise to invest in the best tiles that you can afford. Remember that tiles are often only used on the wall space between the worktop and wall units, so the numbers of tiles you will need are small. Spending a little more can make a real difference to the look and feel of your finished kitchen.

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Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas Dartmouth kitchens are often fitted in a classic, country style, but more customers are starting to select a more contemporary feel. Classic materials such as slate are being cut into modern shapes for the homeowner who is looking to use classic stone in their 21st-century kitchen. Stone, including limestone and marble, along with other choices of wall tiles, are also perfect for use in Dartmouth bathrooms, giving a refined finish whether used with traditional bathroom fittings, or a cutting edge suite.

Our wall tile gallery shows a selection of the tiles we offer, including gloss, matt, patterned, textured, stone, square and rectangular tiles. Our patterned styles include Moroccan, floral or botanical prints, hexagonal motifs and other traditional tile patterns. Clients will often have a number of kitchen wall decoration ideas, and we can help to select the best option for the space available.

Planning Your Kitchen Wall Designs When choosing a patterned tile, border or motif, it’s important to look at the location of your sockets and switches, as you will not want to break up the pattern too much in key places. You may also want to check that your kitchen wall decorating ideas fit with the colours you’re using for your kitchen cupboards, worktops and paint finishes.

Kitchens and bathrooms are both lifted by the addition of new tiles, making the room look better. Tiles are also easy to clean and maintain in an environment where water is never far away. Tiles are much more practical than wallpaper in a kitchen or bathroom. Not only that, but using tiles above a cooker will make it much easier to deal with the grease that may result from regular cooking. All in all, tiles are a very practical option, as well as a wonderful decorative feature, whatever your ideas for your kitchen wall.

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