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After deciding on all the really key issues when it comes to designing your dream kitchen you get to the easy bit of just choosing which handles you’d like. It’s at that point that you realise that it’s not quite so easy to choose handles as you thought it would be!

There is no need to panic though and make a rash decision just to speed up the process; Inspirations at RGC are here to help you make the right choice. It is important to get it right because the handles you choose will be in constant use and you will be looking at them every time you walk into your new kitchen so you don’t want to get this finishing touch wrong.

Choosing a handle design may seem a small thing but it will have a huge influence on the overall effect and impression your kitchen makes, not just on you but when anyone walks into your kitchen.

The best sellers when it comes to finishes are chrome, bronze and stainless steel. It’s a good idea to look at the overall picture of the style of the sink and taps in the kitchen and try and match that to the handles. Also consider the handle on your fridge and if it is visible in the kitchen.

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We have a showroom in Dartmouth and if you live close enough to visit the showroom in person that will certainly be worth your while. Partly because you will be able to not only see the handles but also be able to check the quality and workmanship and feel what it’s like to close a cupboard or open a drawer in person.

The other advantage of paying us a visit is you will be able to talk to us and benefit from our expert guidance. Remember, a typical kitchen can have two to four dozen knobs and handles so getting the right advice is important.

So, apart from the material your handles are made of, what about style? Something curved or slender, art deco, or more modern horizontal lines may be more to your taste. We have many sleek and elegant styles of handle to choose from that will suit all budgets.

Consider how easy it will be to grip the handle and how much use it will get. Does it need to be commercial or industrial strength for excessive wear and tear or just normal family usage?

On bigger drawers and cupboards you may wish to think about whether you want two pulls or one big one?

Big flat bar pulls tend to look more contemporary and the oversize pulls eliminate the need for two pulls on a wide drawer. Generally, people opt for two knobs or pulls on any drawer that is over twenty inches in width but having one of the oversize handles is the more modern choice.

It’s not cast in stone as to how long handles should be and how many you have on any size cupboard or drawer but when it comes to using one big handle most kitchen designers have them around 66 – 75% of the total drawer width.

Remember that the handles you choose are the finishing touch to your kitchens overall look so whether you require a traditional or contemporary look, speak to us at RGC for your Kitchen inspiration.

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