Kitchen Design In Dartmouth, Kingsbridge & South Hams

Glass is one of the most preferred materials in contemporary interior design. It has numerous benefits that are played to great effect inside homes from the living room all the way to the kitchen. It’s now being used for splash backs, cabinet doors, kitchen tables, and more. Glass kitchens are getting more popular, in the South Hams, every year thanks to the material’s remarkable suitability to this section of the home as we shall see below.

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The Advantages of Glass Kitchens


Glass will not flinch despite exposure to high heat. This is crucial since kitchens generate a lot of it during food preparation. Unlike wood, it will not catch fire or get charred. It can be situated up close to the stove without any worries. Hot objects may be placed on top of it without incident.

Easy to clean

The surface of glass is nonporous. It will not absorb moisture so it keeps its integrity no matter what. Glass will not warp or decay over time unlike wood. It will not corrode unlike a lot of metals. Stains won’t be able to latch onto it. In fact, any type of dirt can easily be wiped off with a rag.


One of the best features of glass is its translucence. Light can pass through a glass panel. This makes it possible to see through to the other side either in full or in part depending on the treatment. Lighting can be installed in such a way as to enhance the appeal of the kitchen with imaginative use of this property.


It should be no surprise that glass is often used in art pieces. Artists have found numerous ways to use its inherent characteristics to dazzling effect, usually by altering its colour, shape, outline and illumination. They may be equipped with grips or made without handles for a sleek and stylish look. In the hands of a talented team, a glass designer kitchen can become a living masterpiece that inspires excellent meals and wide-eyed smiles.

Types of Glass Kitchen

Clear Glass

This is the most common type of panelling. When used for cabinet doors, clear glass presents South Hams homeowners the opportunity to showcase their beautiful china and silverware. It also allows them to monitor the contents closely, ensuring that they are always intact and in order. On the other hand, the surface will need to be cleaned more often as it is prone to fingerprints and smudges. Any kind of dirt, even the smallest speck of dust, can be readily seen.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass has a rougher surface that is translucent but not transparent. It lets light in but it blurs the image of what’s on the other side. It is thus able to maintain a sense of privacy for those who don’t wish to expose everything inside their storage areas. Lighting effects can still be used and there isn’t as great a need to clean surfaces so often.

Patterned Glass

Glass can be etched with patterns for added ornamentation. South Hams Homeowners may wish to follow a certain theme for the house and this can be extended to the kitchen in this manner. The patterns may be small and subtle or large and flashy depending on what works best.

Glass is easy to install and a breeze to maintain. The cost of basic glass kitchens is comparable to traditional ones but with the extra benefits mentioned above. If you are planning on a kitchen renovation or wish to design one for your new home, consider glass for a modern and fashionable space.

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