Kitchen Design Styles & Ideas in Dartmouth, Kingsbridge & South Hams

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Getting a dream kitchen is a fantastic way to bring that personal touch that turns a house into a home. While certainly most people look for a house that really speaks to them before making a purchase, there’s no question that some rooms just feel more personal than others. Almost everyone has an idea of what their dream bathroom looks like, and almost everyone has a clear vision of what their dream kitchen would look like.

However, before diving into the world of builders and interior design professionals, it’s important to understand just how many kitchen styles there are and what considerations need to be dealt with before going full steam ahead.

Kitchen style Ideas In Devon and Dartmouth

There are literally several dozen different kitchen styles to choose from, and while one or two designs might catch your eye as a standalone look, you need to consider what the different types of kitchens are and which ones actually fit in with your specific home. After all, your kitchen is not going to live in a vacuum. It needs to fit in with the rest of your home! Everything matters when designing a new kitchen from the materials used to how they fit in with the rest of the home. You might love the rustic hardwood and cabin look, but if no other room in your house fits in with that motif, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. While this might be a little bit of paraphrasing, when it comes to a home no room is an island! If you’re living in a cottage in the South Hams, a kitchen with a high gloss finish may look really out of place. In this situation you want to go with something that’s simpler, compact, and takes advantage of the small amount of space. If you live in a semi-rustic home that already has hardwood floors and perhaps a matching office, then a rustic kitchen makes sense while a super sleek and modern contemporary design may actually look quite a bit out of place.

Choosing the best option among dozens of kitchen styles for your home is all about knowing your most common options and matching them up with your specific home since each person will have their own individual needs and a personalised and custom solution is the way to go. Considering the overall aesthetic appearance and how it will all fit together is critical to making a decision that you will be happy with.

Kitchen Surface Material

The next thing to look at are the surfaces you want to use. Are you considering glass? Wood? Steel? There are definite pros and cons to each one, and you want to make sure that you get the one that serves you and your specific cooking needs best.

A quick rundown of the pros and cons of two of the most common counter types: wood and granite.


The pros of wood counters include their beautiful aesthetic look, the variety of options for colour and stain, as well as being relatively inexpensive compared to granite and other stone options. The cons of wood counters are that they need to be taken care of and kept clean. Even well sealed wood counters can be damaged with long term exposure to water and although inexpensive, they are more vulnerable than their stone counterparts.

Granite –

The pros are obvious as these beautiful counters are extremely durable, look beautiful, and fit in with a variety of different kitchen styles for maximum convenience. The expense isn’t as bad for smaller kitchens, making this a viable option for smaller kitchens. The cons of stone counters generally come with price. This material can be extremely expensive compared to anything else, and that can really impact the budget remodel.

Corian –

Corian from Dupont is a very versatile solid surface material that can be seamlessly joined and shaped to form continuous surfaces around any kitchen configuration. It is very practical and hygienic as there are no gaps between upstands or sinks and the worktop. It is comparable in price to granite.

Consider the space

Then there’s the questions of space, design, and the details that are all so important when preparing to choose a kitchen style that works for you. Are you going to go with the popular in-frame kitchen designs where the frame is attached to the front of the cabinet to hide it, or are you looking at something a little different? A design that is maybe more conducive to sliding in new appliances? You will also want to look at the specific designs that suit small kitchens. While most kitchen styles can be adjusted based on the amount of space you have, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best move. Sometimes it’s best to just go with a new design that can better fit in with your kitchen from the start. There are many great kitchen designs that use tambour shutters, special cabinets, and other add-ons to improve efficiency of space and the overall design.

There are a wide variety of kitchen styles to choose from and which one works best for you depends completely on each individual kitchen and what your specific needs are. That being said, there are some very popular types of kitchen styles that a good deal of people find meet their needs.

A few of the most popular kitchen styles include:

– Shaker

– Modern

– Contemporary

– Cottage

These are just a few of the dozens of options that give an amazing selection of different looks, styles, and design.

While there is plenty of great information provided here, above all else, think of your kitchen as a part of a home and not in a bubble so you pick the best fit for you.

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