Traditional Hinge (In-Frame)

Shaker English Grey

Monarch Buttermilk

Are you looking for a Kitchen with a desirable handmade look and the feel of a genuine, authentic, traditional ‘in-frame’ kitchen? If so we at Inspirations at RGC can help you achieve this look.

To achieve the look of a traditional hinge kitchen you need to ensure the good old fashioned butt hinges are showing. Butt hinges are comprised of three components two plates that are interlocked with a pin in the middle. A traditional hinge kitchen means the hinge will show on your cabinet doors. The hinge can be made from a variety of materials including steel, brass, iron, and bronze and come in a variety of finishes including oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel dependant on the desired look you want to achieve.

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The traditional style hinge is used with face frame cabinetry this means that the frame is fixed to the front of the cabinet carcass. From this point the traditional butt hinge is fixed and attached on view. When choosing a butt hinge you need to consider the size and weight of the door you are hanging and also the usage of the door and surrounding design of the kitchen to ensure the correct size and amount of hinges are used.

Traditional hinge kitchens are simple to install and have been popular in the past and still remain a popular choice with home owners today. The type of kitchen that is best suited to a traditional hinge kitchen design is a wooden kitchen for example an old farmhouse design or popular solid wooden kitchen. These kitchens are popular for their simplistic design and ability to stay on trend throughout the ages compared to some other kitchen designs with plastic or metal cupboard doors which do not age well and may appear dated over time.

At inspirations at RGC we have a fabulous selection of Traditional Hinge (in-Frame) kitchens for you to choose from. Our popular Country Barn design is the pinnacle of traditional hinge design bringing the feel of the countryside cottage indoors. Our traditional solid wood design with beautiful finish is perfect for those who want to combine tradition with high quality design. For those looking for a more modern feel we also have other Traditional Hinge kitchens for you to choose from including our Shaker English Grey, Monarch Buttermilk, Stamford English Green and Shaker Nero designs all of which will ensure that no matter what your taste we have something to meet your design requirements and budget.

So no matter what shape or size of kitchen you have the Traditional Hinge Kitchen design can look great and we can design your kitchen to meet your every requirement whether you have a small galley kitchen, an open plan space with kitchen and living room combined or a large kitchen space where you want an extravagant design including breakfast bars, island tables and a huge amount of cupboard space to meet your family needs, we are here to design the perfect kitchen for you!

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