Shaker Kitchens In Dartmouth, Kingsbridge & South Hams

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Solid timber doors are hung in frames on simple butt hinges in the time honoured fashion of the true artisan. This creates a wholly traditional look and feel.
With drawers and doors that shut without a murmur, soft close cabinets combine the look and feel of yesteryear with modern technology for the best of both worlds.
What is an In Frame Style Kitchen?
When it comes to designing kitchens, in frame doors and cupboards provide the classic look. If you do not like the contemporary look or it is not suitable for the type of property you inhabit then the in frame style kitchen is best for you! The term in frame kitchen simply means that the doors & cupboards are mounted within a frame, just like the doors in the house, therefore they cannot drop once they are hung. Additionally, butt hinges are used in order to keep the doors in place. Traditionally, 1mm is the ideal gap to be present all around the in frame door. Since an in frame door or cupboard calls for an immensely strong method of mounting doors they therefore boast of real durability.

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For best results in case of in frame style kitchens, it is advisable to use hardwood doors and hardwood frames along with solid butt hinges. By doing this, you will be facilitating

a wood-to-wood direct bond, therefore your kitchen will have real longevity. This may be a large upfront investment but it is quite worthwhile as it pays off in the long run! One of the top benefits of going for in frame style doors and kitchen cupboards is that these would not cause the doors to drop out of line with time and repeated use since the doors are not just mounted on top but rather within a frame. In case of in frame doors, the doors are mounted on to the front portion of the cupboard carcase and hinges are also used, therefore they are sure to last for years to come!


Just like most things in this world, even in frame style kitchens have their drawbacks. South Hams Individuals who do not prefer this style for their kitchens find that things get caught while they are trying to take them out of the cupboard. Moreover, the insides of the frame tend to get scratches and at times may also chip. The task of cleaning the insides of the cabinets also become tedious since the frame sits inside the carcase. Despite these, there are still many people that prefer to go for in frame style kitchens because of the sheer number of benefits associated with these. The decision of whether or not to opt for in frame doors for kitchen cupboards is dependent upon the preferences and requirements of the individuals. Some people prefer to opt for the handleless look in their kitchens in order to give it a modern and contemporary vibe. Handleless doors do not waste as much space as in frame doors therefore the former can be used for storing integrated appliances.


One can also opt for soft close door hinges for in frame doors as these look stylish and also prevent loud sounds generated while closing the cupboard doors. These hinges have the soft close built on them, therefore one wouldn’t find any unsightly clip-on contraption or buffers drilled on to the cupboard doors of the kitchen. Thus, if you are very particular about how your kitchen cupboards look then you should choose soft close door hinges.

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