Our customer wanted us to brighten up her otherwise sound kitchen with a fresh modern new look.

So we suggested our replacement doors option. After all you don’t need to replace perfectly sound cabinets to create a fabulous new kitchen

Firstly we accurately measured the current kitchen units, while Mrs F chose a stylish new door style & finish, and selected a handle. We then custom made each replacement door and finally installed everything for a perfect fit. In this case we also updated the worktops before reinstalling the existing sinks, taps and appliances.

“Richard and his team transformed our kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one! The whole project was managed expertly from start to finish. We are delighted and would highly recommend this hassle free method and RGC to anyone considering a new kitchen.”

As well as economically, replacement kitchen doors make sense ecologically; since there is significantly less costly work required and no need to strip out and dispose of as many scarce materials, it helps save the planet too.

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